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We carry out urgent translations (1-2 days). The translations of the Bureau and the seal of approval by a notary prepare
Companies work only with professional and experienced translators. Each area translates the text fields. Lithuanian translations are checked Editor
Most of our translation services quality - long-term and regular customers - Lithuanian and foreign companies in the circle.
To save you time, orders are accepted and made translations deliver e-mail and fax
Written translations

Two criteria are crucial in written translation – quality and accuracy. Texts may vary by contents, therefore it is important for the translator to preserve authenticity and accuracy of the source text. Quality of the content is also important. Target text must be in compliance with all spelling and stylistic rules. Source texts can be various: legal, technical, medicinal, fiction, etc. Literary translation (translation of fiction) must create artistic, aesthetic description, render the main ideas, stylistics of the original work. While, translations of documents of specific fields require expert knowledge of the field in question. Therefore, it is highly important for the translator to have good command of the subjects of the source document to avoid any discrepancies or different interpretation of the document.  Translator can be worthily called a co-author, because his/her qualification and competences determine adequacy and quality of the translation.

Translating from/to: English, Belarus, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, German, Ukrainian.

We provide translations services to both natural and legal persons.

Translations in the following fields:

Medical texts 

•    Clinical trial reports; 
•    Internal documentation of pharmaceutical companies and health institutions; 
•    Descriptions of medical preparations; 
•    User manuals of medical equipment;   
•    Laboratory test descriptions and results; 
•    Other medical documents (case history, immunisation cards, certificates, etc.). 

Legal texts

•    Litigation documents;  
•    Incorporation documents of companies;
•    Public procurement and tender documentation;
•    EU and Lithuanian official documents;

Technical texts

•    Drawings and other technical documentation; 
•    User manuals of various devices;
•    Maintenance instructions; 
•    Documents of operations manuals. 

Financial texts 

•    Annual financial statements;
•    Audit documents; 
•    Profit (loss) statements;
•    Various banking documents; 
•    Other financial texts (payroll certificates, bank extracts, etc.). 

 Other fields:

Environmental protection 
Insurance documents (policies, blanks, insured event descriptions, instructions, insurance agreements, etc.);
•    Social security texts; 
•    IT texts (software and hardware, user’s manuals, installation instructions, etc.); 
•    Education texts;
•    Transport texts;
•    Agricultural texts.

Advertising and literary texts 

•    Representational materials of companies; 
•    Flyers, folders, booklets, etc.; 
•    Press releases;
•    Fiction;
•    Mass media articles. 

 Scientific texts 

•    Scientific papers;
•    Research articles;
•    Theses;
•    Summaries of research papers, theses for BA and MA degrees, etc. 

Other documents 

•    Personal documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licences, etc.); 
•    Business incorporation documents (articles of association, registration certificates, extracts from Registers of Legal Entities, minutes, etc.); 
•    Ownership documents (register certificates, purchase-sale agreements, etc.); 
•    Documents on graduation and qualification acquisition (certificates, diplomas, etc.); 


•     Real-time translation of electronic correspondence;
•    Translation of short messages, etc.;
•    Translation of letters, invitations, thank-you letters, etc. 


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