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We carry out urgent translations (1-2 days). The translations of the Bureau and the seal of approval by a notary prepare
Companies work only with professional and experienced translators. Each area translates the text fields. Lithuanian translations are checked Editor
Most of our translation services quality - long-term and regular customers - Lithuanian and foreign companies in the circle.
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Interpreting requires much more diligent preparation, flexibility, expert knowledge of the field in question and capability of quick and accurate presentation of information.  At the same time, interpreters should be capable of analysing historical, cultural, political or business aspects, conveying information in the right tone, have excellent communication skills and ability to adapt themselves to changing circumstances. Quality of interpreting frequently affects the efficiency of negotiations and adoption of important decisions, since interpreters can make direct influence on company’s image and goodwill. Therefore, even the most insignificant sentence of incorrectly interpreted text can cause serious damage if trying to improve relationship with foreign partners. Choosing the right interpreter is a challenge. Our company’s specialists have immense interpreting experience. We can offer interpreting services for any occasion, including but not limited to business negotiations, business meetings, excursions, press conferences, telephone conversations between the representatives of various industries. 

Simultaneous interpreting:
Used at international conferences, seminars or other similar events. Usually, 2 interpreters are needed for simultaneous interpreting.
Consecutive interpreting:
Usually used at meetings, training or other similar events. During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter and the speaking person stand next to each other, the interpreter listens to the latter and once the speaker finishes his/her utterance interprets his/her speech.

Telephone  interpreting:
Telephone interpreting involves an interpreter, client and person with whom the interpreter is speaking on the phone. Interpreter listens to the speaker on the phone and interprets his/her speech to the client, and then interprets the client’s reply to the speaker. To ensure smoothness of telephone interpreting, we advise the client to inform the interpreter on the essence and subjects of the upcoming telephone conversation.

Other: translations from DVD, VIDEO, CD.


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