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We carry out urgent translations (1-2 days). The translations of the Bureau and the seal of approval by a notary prepare
Companies work only with professional and experienced translators. Each area translates the text fields. Lithuanian translations are checked Editor
Most of our translation services quality - long-term and regular customers - Lithuanian and foreign companies in the circle.
To save you time, orders are accepted and made translations deliver e-mail and fax

With new technologies rapidly moving forward, disappearance of borders, Lithuania’s accession to the European Union, new markets opening and being searched for, experiences being exchanged, attempts are made to discover new countries. Growing globalisation brings new products, increasing number of CAT tools, while demand for translation services is not declining, on the contrary – it is consistently growing.
The purpose of translation is to make a text or speech understandable to readers or audience. Making it understandable means retaining the meaning, style, structure of the source text, as well as its linguistic means of expression.
Our agency allocates texts to translators according to their specialisations: some translators specialise in general texts, while others in technical translations. In addition to academic qualification in languages majority of our translators studied either economics, law or technical sciences. Translator must follow the news, be open to novelties, be knowledgeable to be able to provide quality translation services.
Quality is one of our major goals. Accumulated knowledge guarantees that the right expression means will be used and the meaning of the source text will be conveyed logically and smoothly preserving the integrity of the text. Communication with the client also helps in providing high quality translation services. Client’s comments and requests are always taken into consideration. We do our best to meet the client’s deadlines. We guarantee confidentiality of the texts submitted for translation.
We can accept and issue orders in your preferred form: by electronic mail, fax, or post.
Human factor plays an important role in translations, therefore machine translation or computer-aided translation will never replace a translator.
In order to make a correct translation, context, structure of the text, grammar rules, style and possible ambiguities because of synonyms or homonyms used must be taken into consideration.
Therefore, language-related technologies should be considered as tools helping rather than replacing translators.
We can offer urgent translations (in 1–2 days). Translations are certified with the company’s seal affixed and can be prepared for notarisation.  

The company works exclusively with professional and experienced translators. Translations are assigned to translators according to their field of expert knowledge. Translations into Lithuanian are proofread by the linguist.

The best proof of the quality of our translation services is the circle of long-term and regular clients, including Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Saving your time, we can accept and deliver translations via electronic mail and fax.                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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